How Do I Build Confidence?

how do I build cofidenceWould you like to build unshakable confidence in all situations?

Let’s face it, we all would! But the good news is that it’s not difficult to do. You just need to build a foundation and then start adding confident experiences to it.


But unfortunately most of us meander through life without building any sense of true confidence. Confident people instinctively build upon their levels of confidence, just by their natural force of habit. But for us lesser mortals, we must consciously build our levels of confidence until it becomes a habit.

Sounds difficult, but it’s not!

Start Building Confidence

Can you remember separate times when you were motivated, a time when you were proud, a time when you were confident, a time when you were relaxed and a time when you had a good laugh. If you can that’s great because you can go straight to the Circle Of Excellence to start building your foundations of confidence.

Use Your Imagination

Now if you can’t summon up any memories of when you were confident, a time when you were relaxed and a time when you had a good laugh, then don’t worry. Because all you need to do is to imagine what it would feel like to have these individual memories, go straight to the Circle Of Excellence to start building your foundations of confidence.

Your Confidence Ritual

Now there is one other thing you must do and that is whenever you get into or out of bed make sure you run through the circle of excellence exercise. This enables you to go to sleep in a confident state and to face the day ahead in a confident state.

Do it long enough so that it forms an evening and morning ritual that you don’t even think about. It normally takes about 2 weeks to form this habit.

Learn How To Bucket List Your Dreams

Once you have confidence in yourself, then you can go on to learn how to bucket list your dreams and really start having some fun in life. Having an active bucket list will give you enormous amounts of satisfaction and confidence.

Bucket list your dreams and start ticking off your listed events as:

Done that!…..what’s next?

By doing this you will build your confidence levels to ever increasing heights. The sky’s the limit’ when it come’s to building unshakable confidence….you just can’t get enough.

Here’s Another Exercise

Have you ever noticed just how many people focus on what they don’t want, rather than what they actually want.

We all do it from time to time, but if you’re suffering from levels of low self confidence, or self esteem then you’re probably doing it more than most others.

The problem is by doing this, all it achieves is to build a system of thinking of how you don’t want things to be, rather than how you want things to be.

You should be focusing on your target, not on all the places you don’t want to hit. Of course, it also makes you feel pretty low.

Try writing a few words describing exactly how you’d look and act in a situation where you actually feel completely confident.

Describe your expressions, demeanor, voice, body language and breath deeply as if you’re completely confident. Now in your minds eye, step into the situation and notice:

  • Just how you feel
  • How will others see you?
  • What will you be saying and doing?
  • The sounds around you
  • The colours

Now get back into your minds eye and turn the volume up, increase the lighting and colours in this picture that you have. Really feel the difference that this will do to your experience.

Please feel free to leave a comment below regarding how do I build confidence and has it worked for you..


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