How To Cure Worry

Don’t let your worries weigh you down

worriesIt really is so simple and easy to cure your worries with NLP. It’s all about using your visual imagination to diminish the power of your worries.

Please find a quiet spot to relax and allow yourself 15 minutes to run through the following steps in order:

Step 1:

  • Recall something that is a worry to you
  • Now in your minds eye, take a couple of minutes to step into the picture of whatever is worrying you.
  • Take notice whether the picture is in colour, or is it in black and white?

Step 2:

  • If your picture is in colour, then use your imagination to turn down the colour, just as you would on a colour TV.
  • If your picture is black and white, or without much colour, turn the colour up.
  • Notice how this change in colour changes the feeling of the experience that goes with the picture?
  • Have the bad vibes faded or are they now enhanced?

Step 3:

  • Adjust the brightness and volume of the picture.
  • Adjust the size of the picture.
  • Bring the picture closer or further away.
  • Notice how these changes affect your feelings.

Now use your imagination to adjust the picture in whatever way you need to lessen the negative vibes. You could even lower the volume, darken the picture and even move the picture far enough away to get the right affect.

Feels good doesn’t it? If not try doing it again until you feel that you’ve decreased the bad vibes.

Now repeat the process for at least 3 of your worries.

If it’s working for you then over the next few days repeat the process for ALL your worries…..

You now know how to cure worry!

Have fun and enjoy the experience!


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