What Is The Best Way To Stop Worrying?

You may have a particular worry that you’d like to deal with and that’s fine, I can show you how to deal with it.

what is the best way to stop worryingBut, lets’s just set the stage for a moment. We all have worries and concerns and these often serve a purpose in that they can often motivate us to take action. As an example money worries can often drive us to create more wealth, health worries can lead us to taking decisions that will improve our health. So these can be seen as useful worries and they can be modified to give us more motivation to pursue our goals. I’ll be dealing with motivational issues in a later post, very soon.

Not so useful worries

These tend to inhibit our well-being and represent themselves as fears of:

  • Catching colds and other bugs
  • Things that may not even happen
  • Going on a Journey
  • Meeting people
  • Lack of time
  • neighbors
  • Family and friends

We have 3 types of worries

  • Past Worries  – Negative memories
  • Present worries – You may be waiting to see the dentist
  • Future worries – Worrying about future events that may not even happen

So What Is The Best Way To Stop Worrying?

In a general sense the best way to stop worrying is to clean out our past worries first. This is easily done using a simple NLP worrycure technique which is quite straightforward. I suggest that you try to recall all the worries that you have in the past and apply the technique to all your negative experiences. Yes it will take time, but you’ll feel liberated from your past, believe me when I say it’s well worth the effort.

You can then go onto your future worries and go through the same exercise.

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