What Is The Fast Phobia Cure?

Phobias and fears hold us back in many ways. Overcoming our phobias and fears can open up a wonderful world of opportunity.

The Fast Phobia Cure is effective treatment for phobias such as fear of public speaking, performance anxiety, fear of flying, social anxiety, fear of dogs and spiders etc.

The Fast Phobia Cure Technique

The fast phobia cure technique is very simple to learn and use. It basically involves using your imagination to neutralize a traumatic memory. You’ll be amazed at just how well this technique works. Below is a link to a 4 minute free audio. I have also included fast phobia cure script below. This is not hypnosis, it’s just a simple NLP exercise using your own imagination.

But before you listen to the audio, or run through the script, please take a few moments to think of the phobia you would like to banish. Recall the first time or the worst time that you experienced this phobic or fearful episode. Recall the whole event in as much detail as you can.

Try to remember the situation, the people involved, the sounds, the colours and feel all of your emotions. Experience the memory as if you are still there. Really step into your past experience and create in your mind’s eye a short movie of the event.


Now sit down relax and listen to the audio above, be sure to turn the volume up.

You can right click on the Phobia cure link “save target as”, or “save as” to download the audio to you computer and store it on any other device.

If you have listened to the audio I believe you will find that your reaction to your phobia will now be different. Your old phobia should be greatly lessened or banished. If you need to you can run the movie again and again, until you feel comfortable thinking about the phobic situation.

The Fast Phobia Cure Script

If you find the voice on the audio to be annoying, don’t worry, because below is an outline of the audio which you can memorize and run through in your own minds eye. The beauty of NLP is that you can read a script, memorize it and run through it yourself in a relaxed quiet spot to reap the benefits.

But before you run through this script please take a few moments to think of the phobia you would like to banish. Recall the first time or the worst time that you experienced this phobic or fearful episode. Recall the whole event in as much detail as you can.

  1. Imagine you are sitting in a cinema, you are the only one in the cinema and in front of you is a blank screen. See yourself sitting there in the middle of the cinema, waiting for the show to begin. In this cinema you are perfectly safe and comfortable. You can safely watch any movie depicting a past experience in your life.
  2. Now, imagine floating out of your body and slowly drift up to the projection box behind you. From there inside the projection box you can see the screen and you can see yourself sitting down there in the seat in the middle of the cinema.
  3. Now, look at the screen from the projection room and a snapshot of your phobic experience appears upon the screen.
  4. When you are ready the snapshot on the screen turns into a movie that begins to play slowly. This is a black and white move. Watch it play from the beginning up to just past the end of that traumatic experience. You feel completely safe knowing that If you feel distressed you can stop the movie immediately. You are in complete control!
  5. Now, go back to the beginning of the short movie and play it a bit longer this time. Keep replaying the movie until you can see yourself watching the whole movie all the way through.
  6. Terrific, well done! Now, when you get to the end, I want you to stop the movie and then run the movie backwards as fast as you can from the end to the beginning. You will see everything happen in reverse, people will walk backwards, animals and objects will move backwards, any voices will be gibberish. Run the movie back to the start just as fast as you can over a period of just a few seconds.
  7. Repeat the movie (slowly forwards and fast backwards) again and again until you feel completely comfortable thinking about the phobic situation.

If are still uncomfortable with you phobia then try running the movie slowly forwards but this time add ridiculous squeaky voices and funny faces to the people, add crazy music to the soundtrack. Do what you can to make it funny and bizarre.

The Fast Phobia Cure Video

What Is The Fast Phobia Cure? Here is a pretty good video walking you through the fast phobia cure:

Check out this video by NLP master Anthony Robbins

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