What Is The NLP Swish Pattern?

The NLP €œSwish Pattern€ is a simple and effective method of replacing an unwanted emotional response with a new desired emotional response.

the nlp swish patternUsing the Swish Pattern can change your negative feelings so that you can feel as you want to be, just when you want to be.

The swish pattern is also a very useful technique that can help people change unwanted behaviours or habits.


The NLP €œSwish Pattern in 5 easy steps

Step 1

Choose a single behaviour you would like to change, as an example:

Perhaps you feel stressed in a meeting at work and would like to be totally confident.

Or, you would like to stop eating chocolate and replace it with a piece of fruit.

Step 2 €“

Identify the point in time when you first experience the unwanted feelings. Perhaps it is at the point when you are just entering the meeting room, or just about to put the chocolate into your mouth.

Now in your minds eye, what pictures, sounds and feelings do you experience at this precise point in time.

This is your OLD response picture, be sure to have a clearly defined picture in your mind.

Now BREAK STATE and relax (look out the window, admire the view)

Step 3

Now choose the way you would like to feel and behave in the situation, in this example you want to feel totally confident, or you can’t wait to eat a delicious fresh piece of fruit.

In your minds eye create a picture of you feeling and behaving in an outstanding and wonderful way in your chosen situation. The picture you you see should be compelling and larger than life.

Now make the picture much bigger. Add colour! Make it brighter!Add sounds! Turn op the volume! Make it a Movie! Keep going until you are feeling absolutely sensational.

Your head should be buzzing with all the wonderful colours, sounds and feelings.

This is your NEW response picture.

Now BREAK STATE and relax

Step 4 €“

And The Swishing Bit:

You are about to take your existing response step 2 and replace it permanently with your new response step 3.

So first, get the OLD picture in your mind. You should be associated with the picture which means being in the picture and seeing it through your own eyes. Now hold this picture in your left hand,

Now, take a very small sized NEW picture of your new, powerful self image, and place it in your right hand.

Now, the good bit, let’s Swish!

Outstretch both your hands and bring them together in one mighty clap. Let the NEW picture in your right hand smash through your OLD picture in your left hand. As you do this make a loud “Swiiiiiiiish” sound, it may feel weird, but it will cement the whole technique.

As the new self image splashes in front of you, enjoy every glorious detail and make it big, bright, loud and beautiful. Feel all the amazing feelings rush through your veins.

Take a few moments to revel in the wonderful feelings of this new self image before you BREAK STATE and relax.

Step 5 €“

Repeat Step 4 at least 3 times in quick succession.

Ingrain your desired response pattern to ensure that it is a permanent response by repeating the Swish Pattern at least ten times in quick succession. It will then become a permanent feature of your life.

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